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 The Renegade Magazine is Syracuse University’s only Black general interest magazine, whose goal is to empower and give a strong and active voice to the Black community. The publication was founded in 2014 by Newhouse alum Ibet Inyang, after her story pitch on natural hair got denied by another campus publication because the idea was deemed “too controversial.” For the past few years, the magazine has worked tirelessly every semester to produce each issue. It covers topics ranging from the angry Black women trope to #Oscarssowhite, to police brutality. Yes, these topics are sensitive. But if no one else on campus is talking about it, then it is the job of the publication to bring these issues to the forefront here at Syracuse University. The Renegade does its best to drive these conversations forward and give the campus community a deeper understanding of these issues through the stories that we write from the student’s perspective. In addition to writing thought-provoking stories, the publication also uses different multimedia elements, including videos and social media campaigns, to bring its visions to light. Renegade prides itself on the diversity and representation it brings amongst the plethora of other campus magazines. It provides a platform for people’s voices that often go unheard. The Renegade is bigger than the individuals who run it. The publication is a symbol of unity, and a way to sustain black pride on campus. It is a pure, tangible form of expression, and it gives a new narrative to the black experience both on campus and around the world.

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