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The Sweetest Juice (Jam)

From Smallspool and Jeremy Zucker, to Ugly God, Diplo and MØ, this year’s Juice Jam was not only a success but turned out to be an unforgettable experience for those who attended. With students rocking their best outfits and pressed for a lit event, Juice Jam 2017 was undoubtedly one for the books. Upon waiting for artists to rock the stage, most students had high expectations and looked forward to a unique experience. “[Juice Jam] is the most exciting part of Fall semester. It’s hype and it’s a beautiful day! So it should be a lot of fun this year” state’s Meera Shah, sophomore and political science major. While some students attended for the experience overall, others knew exactly who they were there for. “Ugly God is a lyrical genius. I feel like he’s a great black performer. [He’s] very strong to the black community [and] very important in our culture” says Sophomore, Tyler Woods. Students went crazy for the Houston rapper Ugly God and repeatedly chanted, “Thank you Ugly God!” In addition to the rapper’s performance, MØ stunned her fans when she walked off the stage to hug them and performed one of her biggest hits, “Final Song.”

On the contrary, this year’s Juice Jam may have been the move for some but for others, Blacker the Berry (Black Juice Jam) was where the real lituation was at. Black students on campus who weren’t so pleased with the 2017 Juice Jam lineup, transported their energy to the UV parking lot where the DJ tables were spinning, the punch was flowing and the melanin was poppin’.

While effortlessly rapping the lyrics to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow and snapping pictures for the Gram, some expressed how they truly felt about this year’s Juice Jam lineup and why they did not attend. “[I did not attend Juice Jam] because the music was not my type of music,” states Junior psychology major, Nia Scarboro.

“There wasn’t much diversity [in the lineup] this year. It was a letdown.” Along with this statement Junior physics major, Ifeanyichukwu Uwanaka expressed that such a dissatisfying Juice Jam line up "contributed to having [Black Juice Jam]" and that "now more people are coming to this event because of how whack it is this year."

Compared to previous Juice Jams this one seemed to be the most controversial one yet. With half of the student body being intrigued by the lineup and the other half feeling disappointed, what will the future hold for the 2018 Juice Jam lineup?

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