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SU Orgs Collab for Mental Health Awareness Week

On the quad students were greeted with a bouncy castle, a dunk tank with SA President James Franco, and an inflatable boxing ring. SU students were given free tee shirts and were able to tie green ribbons to a tree in an effort to raise awareness on the importanc of mental health.

Mental Health Awareness week was founded by previous Student Association Vice-President Joyce LaLonde in fall 2016, after observing that conversations on mental health were often stigmatized.

This year the week will feature a roundtable on mental health and identity, therapy dogs, sunset yoga and meditation, and an exhibition of backpacks representing the number of college students lost to suicide on college campuses each year.

Students like Taesha Callaghan are already engaging in Mental Health Awarness week by creating space for discussion on mindfullness and feelings of self worth.

Oct 3rd will be the instersectionality matters roundtable in Jabberwock Cafe at 6:30pm.In collaboration with Student Association, the Counseling Center, Student Assistance, NAMI-SU, and Active Minds, Mental Health Awareness week 2017 kicks off from October 2-October 5, 2017.

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