Fenty Beauty Steals the Spotlight (Again!)

Ms. Rihanna Fenty is blessing us this year with her edge snatching, back-to-back beauty launches. All the Navy fans and beauty gurus went off in an internet buzz when she released Fenty Beauty in early September with 40 inclusive foundation shades, an eye-blinding highlighter, universal lip gloss and a number of other fun products. She was kind enough to let us breathe for 2 seconds before she proceeded to drop the big news about her holiday 2017 collection that will undoubtedly be the the talk and gift of the season.

The collection is ‘galaxy’ themed with 13 shimmery, glittery, and colorful products. The pricing is fairly reasonable, ranging from $20 to $50 and the packaging is out of this world (pun intended). You may want to start preparing your holiday lists now, or start picking up double shifts at work because we’re actually grown now. Get ready, Fenty Beauty is about to take ALL of our coins once again come October 13th!

Check out some of her social media sneak peeks and PR photos below!