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UU's Homecoming Comedy Show Brings Laughs to 'Cuse

This past Homecoming Weekend, the Lucas Brothers and T.J. Miller performed stand-up at the University Union's sponsored comedy show. The Lucas Brothers kicked-off the show entertaining the crowd with their seemingly telepathic banter, bouncing off of each other with topics such as Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and the current conflict in North Korea. Despite these heavy topics, the twin brothers maintained a cool, laid-back persona. Their discussion of current events was met with a light tone; it was almost as if they were having a conversation with the audience. It even led to some artist-audience interaction: one audience member found himself trying to articulate a possible punchline to a joke, playfully arguing between if a word was ‘corks’ or ‘quarks.’ (It was quarks, and we are all still very confused by the joke).

Kenny and Keith Lucas are actors, writers, and producers in addition to being comedians. They are best known for their roles in 22 Jump Street, animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co., as well as their first Netflix comedy special, On Drugs. Before dropping out to pursue a stand-up career full-time, Kenny attended the New York University School of Law, while Keith attended Duke University of Law. Let’s just say we’re all grateful for their sudden career change.

The twins’ humor perfectly set the stage for TJ Miller, who maintained high energy throughout his entire set. He began by poking fun at the event crew, teasing the spotlight technician at any given opportunity, as well as speed-talking in order to confuse the poor ASL interpreter. He discussed his role on the popular HBO show Silicon Valley, expressing his confusion with conservatives being pissed off at his recent departure from the show. Like the Lucas Brothers, Miller interacted with the audience, even taking the liberty of kissing one student on the top of his head. Miller held nothing back when it came to making fun of himself: he wasted no time roasting his questionable roles in movies such as Yogi Bear or The Emoji Movie.

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