Winter Break Survival Guide

Winter Break is always full of family, friends, fun, holidays, etc. Here’s Renegade’s guide to making the best of it!

Here are some tips from the Renegade Team:

  • Need a book recommendation? Sarai recommends our forever First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

  • Cher looks forward to Trying Ramen - the real deal ramen!

  • If you can’t go on vacation try to become more culturally aware in your own hometown.

  • Mikayla recommends finding an internship, learning a new program, getting a new certification

  • Being a college student not only hits you hard but also your pockets! Take advantage of this time to get a part time job nearby and get your money up! Alexa play “Where the Bag at” by City Girls.

  • If you do a lot during the academic year, use this break to TAKE A BREAK. It will go a long way.

  • Take a Winterlude class if the semester didn't treat you too well, or if you just simply want to get ahead.

  • Actually be present with friends and family. We wait all year for this break so actually BE present and take advantage of the time you have.

  • Appreciate that your family wants to spend time with you, so make just as much time for them as you do catching up with your friends.

  • Spend time reflecting on your semester, and start writing down areas where you want to grow for the upcoming year.