The Truth About Weight Loss

by Taylor Bradbury and Nia Gibson

First and foremost- everyone is beautiful regardless of their shapes and sizes! To start, please be aware that size does not define beauty. It is important that we take care of our insides while not dwelling on how we look on the outside. Its okay to have body goals, but keep in mind that a nourished body should come first and body goals can come later.

Also remember that products branded to make you "lose weight" ultimately want to make a profit.

Weight Loss is temporary, evolved lifestyles can be forever.

Wanting to lose weight quickly can often result in being focused on the wrong things. You don't want to find yourself going to extreme measures just to loss weight. Instead of weight loss courses, a “wellness journey” may be a more useful phrase to incorporate into your life. Just adopting healthy eating habits, consistent sleep schedules and exercising could be your main focus, and weight loss can come later. Achieving a weight loss goal quickly may sound appealing, but by pacing yourself while talking the steps to achieve that goal helps you to form heathy habits and avoid burnout.

Research shows that many people who temporarily diet, struggle to keep the weight off

After losing weight, many people struggle to maintain the weight loss because of the inability to stick with their diet. It is important to not go on drastic diets and to, instead, chose a diet you enjoy and can stick to. You are the pilot of your life. Your wellness journey should not be a race.

While we never promote body shaming, we shouldn't enable any of our friends unhealthy eating habits. You can have a fat ass and a good cholesterol level.

You can definitely go to the gym and get what other priorities you have done. You can very much be beautiful and do you AND be healthy. Get the friends that will call you out.

What do I mean?

Those friends who will RESPECTFULLY tell you "hey haven't seen you eat a vegetable in a while,” or ask, "when was the last time you drank some water" or even ask about your last doctor’s appointment. Get the friends who urge you to find out your medical history, so you know the do’s and don’ts according to your body. As Black and Broun people we are more susceptible to certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers such as breast and lung cancer; in many cases attributed to our eating habits and lifestyle choices, and some being hereditary. Monitoring it and having people around you that will check you is so important